Rudy Giuliani Celebrates 80th Birthday Despite Numerous Challenges



Donald Trump is celebrating support and campaign cash inflow after being convicted on 34 felonies while his former lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, finds his life and finances in ruins after facing multiple legal challenges. Giuliani has been indicted in Arizona and Georgia, he’s filed for bankruptcy, and owes $148 million from a defamation case. Simultaneously, he faces disbarment by a disciplinary board in Washington, has lost support from friends and associates, and is financially relying on a 9/11 charity as due to Trump not assisting with his legal bills.

Latest on Giuliani and Trump: A Contrast in Fortunes

Amid the hustle and bustle of Midtown, two distinct scenes unfold. Donald J. Trump appears in the lobby of his Fifth Avenue tower, celebrating the influx of campaign funds following his conviction on 34 felonies. Meanwhile, a few blocks away, his former lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, commemorates his 80th birthday with little to celebrate.

Giuliani’s legal troubles have left his life in financial ruin. He’s been indicted in Arizona and Georgia regarding his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. He owes a $148 million judgment and is dependent on a 9/11 charity for financial support. Trump, however, has offered minimal assistance in Giuliani’s legal afflictions.

Giuliani Faces Disbarment

The same day as his birthday party, a Washington lawyer discipline board suggested Giuliani’s disbarment. Despite his declining reputation, his lawyer, Barry Kamins, assures that Giuliani has maintained his sanity amidst his ongoing legal battles.

Giuliani has been abandoned by many allies, including John Catsimatidis, who removed Giuliani from WABC radio after he continued spreading misinformation about the 2020 election.

Giuliani’s Legal Acumen Still Intact

Arthur Aidala, another lawyer representing Giuliani, insists that the former Mayor remains legally astute. At his birthday party, lawyers heavily outnumbered non-lawyer guests.

Mr. Aidala, who also represents Harvey Weinstein, criticizes the conviction of Mr. Trump, claiming that the charges were unfairly laid.

Giuliani’s 80th Birthday Party

The party, held at an Italian restaurant, included Mr. Giuliani’s children, former New York City police commissioner Bernard B. Kerik, and various right-wing personalities. Giuliani’s security detail, Michael Ragusa, was stationed at the entrance denying access.

Inside the restaurant, former President Trump offered a birthday video message for Giuliani. To great applause, Trump called Giuliani a “special guy” and encouraged him to “keep fighting.”

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