Opinion | The Climate Crisis is Year-Round, Not Just a Summer Issue; We Must Tackle It Directly



The article discusses the ongoing impact of climate change across the United States, with wildfires in California and New Mexico and an early heatwave affecting the rest of the country. It mentions that the previous summer was the hottest on record and more heatwaves, wildfires, and other extreme weather events are expected this summer. The author advocates for the speedy implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act, a bill aimed at funding climate solutions and creating jobs, as well as electing officials who prioritize climate action.

Escaping the Climate Crisis – A Seemingly Impossible Summer Task

Whether you’re dealing with wildfire smoke in California and New Mexico or enduring an early heatwave across the country, escaping the effects of climate change seems impossible. Last summer was the hottest on record with extreme weather events worldwide. With the current rise in temperatures, we can expect another wave of environmental disasters, including wildfires and heatwaves.

Climate Change Impacts Vacation Plans

Climate change is showing no mercy, affecting not only our daily lives but also our vacation plans. Last year, a supposed relaxing vacation in the Northeast became a series of extreme weather events. Smoke from massive Canadian wildfires filled the summer skies, making outdoor activities dangerous. More alarming was the journey through torrential rains with emergency warnings forecasting flash flooding and drownings. These events remind us of the importance of the climate justice promise the Inflation Reduction Act has made.

Focusing on Policies to Combat Climate Change

With the realization that getaways can no longer shield us from climate change, it’s time to act. Personal efforts to reduce carbon footprints are not enough. We need policies that directly tackle the crisis. The Inflation Reduction Act is a good start, offering billions of dollars for climate solutions like clean energy. Americans can now access $9 billion for energy-efficient appliances and home retrofits. Furthermore, the act aids in creating 9 million jobs and supports the hardest-hit communities.

The Need for Climate-Focused Politicians

We need state officials and politicians to fully utilize these opportunities. Without their support, wildfires, heatwaves, and hurricanes will persist, and extreme weather events will continue to disrupt our lives. Electing climate-focused politicians will help ensure the full benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act are realized.

Climate Change and Our Future

Climate change will undoubtedly affect everyone this summer. While vacations might not offer relief, they can remind us of the ongoing need for action. Investing in a cleaner energy future is crucial for combating the climate crisis.

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