Missing Chicago Woman from Bahamas Yoga Retreat: Who is Taylor Casey?



Taylor Casey, a 41-year-old yoga practitioner from Chicago, has been reported missing in the Bahamas, with no contact recorded since June 19. She was attending a yoga retreat at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, and her phone was later found in nearby waters. The Royal Bahamas Police Force has initiated a search and is also scrutinising CCTV footage around the retreat area.

A Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas Takes a Dark Turn

Chicago resident Taylor Casey, 41, went missing during a summer yoga retreat in the Bahamas, sparking concern among her family and friends. Casey, a seasoned yoga practitioner, was last seen on the evening of June 19.

According to a family spokesperson, staff at the retreat alerted the American Embassy and Casey’s family when she didn’t appear for her morning class on June 20. The Royal Bahamas Police Force has since circulated a missing person flyer on their Facebook page. However, they have not indicated any suspicion of foul play.

Last Communication

Casey, who has been practicing yoga for 15 years, often traveled abroad to immerse herself in the culture and lifestyle. She kept in touch with her family during the retreat, with her last communication being a text message to her mother on June 18. The text, accompanied by a beach photograph, read: “I miss you, mom. Look, I’m at the beach.”

Yoga Certification Program in the Bahamas

The retreat was held at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, a popular tourist spot connected to downtown Nassau via bridges. Casey was participating in the ashram’s yoga certification program, a blend of traditional Indian ashram practices and modern yoga techniques. More information can be found on the retreat’s website.

Current Status of Investigation

The Bahamian police have expanded their search area and are reviewing CCTV footage. Investigators have spoken to several individuals at the ashram and have been in touch with Casey’s family. Her mother is planning to travel to the island to assist with the search. Public assistance is urged, with anonymous tips welcomed at 242-300-8476.

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