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The article discusses the current state of national politics, describing it as “maddening, disturbing, annoying and tiresome”. The behavior of both parties is deemed insulting and detrimental to governance. The author suggests local government often functions more efficiently, with respectful and productive dialogue, and suggests that national politics could benefit from this approach.

Shakespeare’s Guidance in Modern Politics

As Shakespeare’s Macbeth warns, “Double, Double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble; By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.” This caution relates worryingly to the disconcerting state of our national politics. Both parties’ immature behavior threatens the democracy’s health, taking away from the gravity of good governance.

Contrasting the National and Local Governance

In stark contrast, local governments like City Councils and Boards of Supervisors meet bi-weekly to efficiently address issues, from mundane tasks to budget discrepancies. Despite occasional disagreements, the dialogue is always productive, promoting respect among members. This consistent dedication to serving the community is praiseworthy and beneficial.

Calling the Question in National Politics

However, in some instances, repetitive dialogues lead local representatives to “call the question,” thereby signaling enough discussion and time to vote. If only this could apply to the impending presidential election, sparing the nation from weeks of division and bitterness. With campaigns fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars, there’s a looming risk of discord overshadowing our hopes for harmony.

Our Responsibility to Future Generations

Our responsibility to future generations extends beyond our actions today. We need to respect and uphold our democracy for the benefit of the young. The bright and promising faces of the graduating seniors in Scotts Valley remind us of this duty. Resisting the possibility of America plunging into political chaos is both sensible and forward-thinking.

Scotts Valley Fourth of July Parade

On a lighter note, Scotts Valley will host its annual Fourth of July parade. The Boys & Girls Club will coordinate fun games for children, with food trucks available before the parade starts. However, due to unsecured funding and location, there will be no fireworks this year.

By Randy L. Johnson, the mayor of Scotts Valley.

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