Democrats Worried Over Biden’s Unsteady Performance in Debate



President Biden’s performance in an early debate sparked concern among Democrats about his ability to carry out a vigorous re-election campaign. His disjointed and halting delivery raised doubts about his fitness, with some party members privately discussing the need for a new presidential nominee. While Biden’s aides and allies dismissed the speculation, the debate performance led to a decline in his perceived odds of winning the nomination on political betting site

President Biden Fails to Boost Election Momentum in Early Debate, Democrats Panic

President Biden’s stuttered performance in the early general election debate against former President Donald Trump has sparked concern among Democrats, questioning his eligibility as the nominee. Biden’s inability to effectively counter Trump’s dishonest attacks raised doubts about his capability to run a competitive campaign amidst concerns about his age.

Democrats defending Biden were blindsided by his lackluster performance, with some considering a younger candidate. Post-debate, a prominent Democratic donor, Mark Buell, questioned whether Biden was the best nominee, indicating a growing unease within the party.

Biden’s Early Debate Strategically Backfires

Biden hoped to shift the focus onto Trump’s dishonesty and potential threat to democracy. However, he left the debate with his own competency questioned. Trump, though frequently dishonest and convoluted in his arguments, appeared confident, leaving Biden in a defensive position.

Democrats Defend Biden Despite Public and Private Concerns

Despite public and private concerns about Biden’s performance, his advisors dismissed speculation about him stepping aside. Symone Sanders, a former aide to Vice President Kamala Harris, defended Biden, stating he won’t be stepping aside. However, the palpable unease among Democrats indicates a possible shift in sentiment.

Following the debate, Vice President Harris acknowledged Biden’s slow start but reiterated his accomplishments and competence. However, speculation about alternative nominees, such as Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, was rife. Andrew Yang, a former Democratic candidate, even called for a nominee change on social media before the debate had ended.

Speculation Grows as Biden’s Nomination Odds Plummet

Biden’s chances of securing the nomination fell dramatically on betting site His stumble during the debate evokes memories of Ronald Reagan’s faltering performance in 1984, which he later recovered with strong subsequent debates. However, with no other debates scheduled until September, Biden has limited opportunities to regain lost ground.

Instead of resetting his campaign, Biden’s team now faces the arduous task of damage control and rallying the party behind their beleaguered leader.

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