AP: GOP Primary in Va.’s 5th District, Good vs. McGuire, Too Close to Call



The Republican primary race between House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good and state Sen. John J. McGuire III in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District is too close to call, with McGuire leading by a slim 373 votes. The race, which was between two ultraconservatives, was heavily contested, with Donald Trump and other establishment forces backing McGuire. A recount can be requested by the apparent loser if the margin of victory is not greater than 1 percent of total votes cast, and the state will cover the cost if the margin is not greater than 0.5 percent.

Virginia’s 5th Congressional District Republican Primary between Bob Good and John J. McGuire III Inconclusive

The Republican primary race for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District remains undecided. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good and state Sen. John J. McGuire III are neck and neck, according to the Associated Press. Local election officials in central Virginia wrapped up their canvass of the June 18 primary results, revealing McGuire leading by only 373 votes.

The heated contest between both ultraconservatives saw former president Donald Trump and establishment forces back McGuire. McGuire declared victory hours after polls closed, but Good did not concede, raising concerns about the election’s integrity.

The race is expected to go to a recount, which the state will sponsor if the victory margin is less than 0.5 percent. McGuire’s unofficial lead is 0.59 percent of the total 62,741 votes cast. The recount will only commence once state officials certify the results.

McGuire claimed victory again in a written statement issued Monday, anticipating his role in the forthcoming America First victory. Trump also declared McGuire the winner on Truth Social.

Good questioned the election’s integrity, citing fire alarms at polling places on Election Day and a supposedly unattended drop box at the Lynchburg registrar’s office. He also sought donations for the recount effort on Bannon’s “War Room” program.

Both Good and McGuire are hard-right figures who have generally supported Trump. Good voted against certifying the 2020 election and rallied outside the Justice Department in support of Capitol riot defendants. McGuire, a vocal Trump supporter, attended Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021.

The race created unusual political alliances, with Trump, McCarthy, and other establishment forces keen to oust Good. Some Trump allies campaigned for McGuire, while others, such as Bannon and Rep. Matt Gaetz, supported Good.

Despite mixed endorsements, Good remained competitive, indicating a solid ground game and robust support from grassroots supporters according to Republican strategist Zack Roday.

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