Two Louisiana Inmates Still Loose after Jail Escape



Four inmates escaped from Tangipahoa Parish Jail in Louisiana due to a structural defect and lack of adequate oversight, two of whom are yet to be found. The escapees took advantage of an eight-inch gap under a wall and managed to evade officers during recreational hours. The authorities’ delay in realizing the escape was attributed to understaffing, which is a common problem in Louisiana’s overcrowded prison system.

Four Men Escape Louisiana Prison Due To Oversight and Structural Issues

Over the weekend, four inmates managed to escape from Tangipahoa Parish Jail in Louisiana thanks to an eight-inch gap and insufficient supervision at the facility, according to the authorities. Two of these men are yet to be apprehended, while the others were discovered hiding in a dumpster, the police reported.

Jimmy Travis, the operations chief at the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s office, attributed the escape to structural problems and staff negligence during a news conference on Monday.

The inmates’ escape took place during recreational time in the jail yard, where they managed to elude the correction officers and remained hidden until nightfall. This information was provided on a Facebook post by the Tangipahoa Parish sheriff, Daniel Edwards.

Travis revealed that the men left the prison in pairs. The first pair, Avery Guidry (19) and Travon Johnson (21), escaped on Saturday by evading the officers, using an eight-inch gap beneath a wall and scaling two fences in the dark. Omarion Hookfin (19) and Jamarcus Cyprian (20) followed the same escape route on Sunday.

The authorities only realized the men had escaped when a relative of one of the escapees informed them on Sunday. The men had reportedly sought refuge at a family member’s house. Travis linked the late discovery of the escape to understaffing and a lack of oversight.

“Immediate discovery would have been possible with proper head counts,” he stated. Travis’s comments highlight the overcrowded prison systems in Louisiana and the understaffed state prisons due to low wages and poor working conditions.

By Monday, Guidry and Johnson were back in jail after being found in a dumpster, while Hookfin and Cyprian were still on the run.

Johnson, Hookfin, and Guidry were in jail on charges related to a 2022 homicide. Cyprian was facing charges of armed robbery and weapon offenses.

Travis stated that yard wire weakened by corrosion enabled the inmates to create a gap. Once through this gap, they made their way down a wall with an eight-inch gap. “A 150-pound person can get under it,” he pointed out. He also admitted that there was an insufficient amount of razor wire and that not all officers had received proper training.

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