Teenager survives 400-foot Washington canyon fall



A teenager in Washington state survived a 400-foot fall from the High Steel Bridge, one of the tallest railway bridges in the U.S., with only minor injuries, according to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. The trail is considered dangerous with five to seven people falling off the bridge every year, most of whom do not survive despite the area being outfitted with warning signs. The teenager, who has not been identified, was rescued in a two-hour mission involving deputies and firefighters using a rope and harness.

Teenager Survives 400 Feet Fall from Washington Canyon

A teen miraculously survived a 400-feet fall from a dangerous canyon in Washington state during the recent Memorial Day weekend, suffering only minor injuries, according to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

While walking along a former trail below the towering High Steel Bridge – one of the tallest railroad bridges in the U.S, the youngster fell and was subsequently rescued on Saturday, authorities confirmed.

Despite repeated warnings about the perilous nature of these trails, individuals often ignore the advice, stated Tim Ripp, a patrol corporal involved in the rescue attempt.

The unidentified teen, reportedly 19 years old according to NBC affiliate KING of Seattle, escaped with scrapes on both arms and was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for further assessment.

Despite the presence of multiple warning signs detailing the danger, Ripp noted that an alarming number of people, approximately five to seven, fall off the bridge annually, with most fatalities occurring.

During the arduous two-hour rescue mission to save the teen, deputies and firefighters scaled the bridge using a harness and rope system, detailed the county sheriff’s office.

It was a challenging rescue, with the teen ending up all the way down at the river, said West Mason Fire Chief Matthew Welander. He further stated that the teenager was walking down a washout that many people use and has somewhat become a trail.

Officials stressed the consistent issue of individuals underestimating nature’s power and not paying due attention, which leads to such dangerous incidents.

Reflecting on the incident, Welander acknowledged the teen’s luck, stating “He was incredibly lucky”.

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