Severe Storms Could Hit Tonight and Memorial Day: PM Update



Severe storms are predicted for the Chesapeake Bay area and surrounding elevated terrains, particularly into the night, with the highest threat on Memorial Day. Wind damage, large hail, potential tornadoes, and flooding are possible hazards. The severe weather is due to a humid, unstable air mass, which will persist until a strong cold front passes on Monday night.

Severe Weather Warning: Impending Storms Around Chesapeake Bay

Expect possible storms tonight, especially around the Chesapeake Bay and elevated terrains, with a potential for severe storms later. Memorial Day comes with a high risk of severe weather. Widespread storms can occur from noon to 9 p.m., with possible wind damage, large hail, a few tornadoes, and flooding downpours.

This humid, unstable air mass lingers until the strong cold front clears out Monday night. For up-to-date D.C. forecasts, tune in to our daily broadcasts on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Echo, and More options.

Through tonight: Strong storms are predicted late into the night, with a 50% chance. Cloudy conditions persist with temperatures close to dew points in mid-60s to 70, resulting in potential fog at sunrise. For current weather updates, click here.

Memorial Day Weather and Possible Storms

Memorial Day (Monday): Filtered sunshine and clouds are expected, with possible morning showers and storms. However, the likelihood of organized, widespread, and damaging storms is targeted towards the afternoon and evening.

Wind gusts could reach around 25 mph, providing respite from temperatures in the low to mid-80s. After the energetic cold front passes, most showers and storms should end by midnight, with temperatures dropping to low to mid-60s by sunrise. Find Molly Robey’s forecast through midweek here.

Two-part briefing: Storms tonight and Monday

Part 1, tonight: Vigorous storms similar to last night’s are possible, potentially strongest after 10 p.m. We’re watching the Ohio Valley as a storm complex moves towards the Appalachians, likely to weaken as it approaches our area.

Part 2, tomorrow: Widespread storms from noon to 9 p.m. may be organized and potent, triggered by a combination of the approaching cold front, upper level disturbance, unstable atmosphere, and strong winds aloft. Primary threats include damaging wind gusts, lightning, hail, and a couple of tornadoes. Flooding concerns are limited due to quick storm movement.

Remain weather-aware if venturing outdoors during the holiday tomorrow. Our next severe weather update is expected tomorrow morning. Join us tomorrow for our Holiday Monday Sunset Live Q&A on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at 8:25 p.m.

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