PJ Media: Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Profits Communist China



The article criticizes President Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act,” alleging it has benefitted China at the expense of the American people. The author claims Biden’s economic policies, including provisions that could lead to job cuts in the biopharma industry and potential Medicare slashes, are harmful to the US while aiding China. It also suggests that Biden and his administration have received laundered Chinese money for years and have continuously pandered to the Chinese Communist Party.

The “Inflation Reduction Act” from the Biden administration has been a boon for Communist China, rather than benefiting American citizens

The supposedly titled “Inflation Reduction Act” by the Biden administration has ended up benefitting Communist China, instead of the American people. Evidence suggests Joe Biden and his family have been receiving laundered Chinese money for years. Compounding the problem, Biden and his officials have continuously pandered to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), raising legitimate concerns.

Biden’s economic policies aid Communist China

Breitbart News, supported by Americans for Limited Government, reported a claim by Donald Trump that “Biden’s pro-China economic program puts America last, and it’s killing our country.” After evaluating the evidence, Breitbart and Americans for Limited Government found Trump’s claims to be accurate.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Gives Billions to China and Cuts American Jobs

In the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, Biden’s domestic policy has failed to curb inflation and instead turned out to be a windfall for the CCP. Even America’s private sector in China is subject to the CCP’s “civil-military fusion,” further complicating the situation.

Cited as one of the worst instances, Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is a major giveaway to the Chinese Communist Party. The Act also proposes expansions that could severely harm the U.S. biopharma industry.

Job Losses Predicted Due to Inflation Reduction Act

The Act’s provisions are expected to eliminate between 136,000 to 216,000 jobs in the biopharma industry. Indirect layoffs may even potentially kill between 678,000 to 1,076,000 U.S. jobs. Besides, the Act also plans drastic cuts to Medicare for U.S. seniors’ drug-coverage plan, effective from 2025.

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As concluded by Breitbart and Americans for Limited Government, the current global scenario is alarming with America’s inventions over the last 200 years helping the Chinese government inch closer to its dream of global domination.

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