Noem Implies Biden’s Dog Should Also Be Euthanized



South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem suggested that President Biden’s dog, Commander, should be euthanized due to its history of aggression towards Secret Service agents. Commander was allegedly involved in 24 biting incidents, half of which required medical attention, and has since been moved to an undisclosed location. Governor Noem, who previously killed her own “untrainable” and “dangerous” dog, made these comments during a media appearance ahead of her memoir release.

South Dakota Governor Criticizes Biden’s Dog

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, criticized for euthanizing her own aggressive dog, recently targeted President Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, known for his biting incidents.

On CBS’s “Face the Nation”, the Republican governor suggested that Commander should have been euthanized following several reports of aggressiveness.

“Joe Biden’s dog has attacked 24 Secret Service people,” Noem stressed, questioning the threshold for deciding the fate of an attack-prone dog.

Commander was removed from the White House after 24 recorded biting incidents from October 2022 to July 2023, with half needing medical attention.

Noem’s Controversial Views on Dangerous Dogs

Noem’s comments were part of her publicity for her upcoming memoir, “No Going Back”. She discussed her decision to shoot her own unruly dog, Cricket, due to the animal’s aggressive behavior.

Noem, seen as a potential ally to former President Trump, wrote about her failed attempts to train Cricket for hunting, eventually labeling the dog as “worthless” and “dangerous”.

She compared her actions with Cricket to the situation with Commander, implying that an aggressive dog is a liability, especially in a public environment.

The White House has yet to comment on Noem’s remarks.

In the CBS interview, Noem defended her actions, calling them a necessary choice to ensure people’s safety.

Controversy Continues in Noem’s Memoir

Noem further insinuated in her book that both Commander and Cricket, if she were to become president in 2025, might share the same fate. “Commander, say hello to Cricket for me,” she wrote.

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