Is There a Future in the Republican Party for This Never Trumper?



Larry Hogan, the Republican former governor of Maryland, is running for Senate despite recognizing that his anti-Trump stance is unpopular within his own party. Hogan was once a vocal critic of Trump and had hoped his influence was diminishing within the party, but now acknowledges that Trump’s influence remains strong. Hogan’s campaign is expected to test the viability of anti-Trump Republicans seeking federal office in 2024, and his strategy of distancing himself from Trump differs from other Republicans running for office.

Trump’s Influence on Republican Party Persists, admits Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

In February 2021, former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a frequent critic of Donald Trump, mentioned to Katie Couric that Trump’s influence was finally diminishing. Today, Hogan acknowledges he was premature in his assessment.

As an anti-Trump Republican, Hogan is aware that many of his compatriots have lost their re-election, decided to retire or changed their political stance. Nevertheless, he is running for Senate in 2024, despite the challenges.

Larry Hogan’s Senate Candidacy

Hogan, a highly sought-after recruit is expected to win tomorrow’s Maryland Senate primary. This race has transformed Maryland into a genuine Senate battleground. Hogan consciously distances himself from the national party, focusing on efforts such as engaging with Democrats at a local diner in Annapolis.

However, even his supporters worry about the reluctance of this deeply blue state to give Republicans another vote in the U.S. Senate. They perceive Trump as his most significant obstacle, not the other candidates.

Larry Hogan’s Political Journey

Former real estate executive Hogan won the governor’s race in 2014. He often presented himself as an alternative to Trump, clashing over various issues such as the response to the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s remarks about Baltimore. Hogan left office in 2023 with a 77 percent approval rating.

He has consistently hinted at aspirations for higher office, including a potential presidential run. Former President George W. Bush urged Hogan to consider running for the Senate, highlighting his importance as a voice for the party and the country.

Democratic Concerns

Hogan, distancing himself from Trump, asserts he will not vote for him or campaign with him. His presence in the general election has intensified the Democratic primary, making voters anxious about who is best suited to defeat him. Despite a late March poll showing Hogan with a significant lead, recent polls indicate an advantage for the Democrats.

Georgia Democrats Face Warning

According to the latest New York Times/Siena College poll, Trump leads President Biden by 10 points among registered voters in Georgia. Notably, 20% of Black voters back Trump, a worrying trend for Georgia Democrats. Without a robust voter-turnout machine or the influence of Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, Biden faces a tough challenge in the state.

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