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The article discusses the funds raised by election candidates in the US as the Primary elections approach. Senate candidate Jon Tester has raised a total of $37.3 million and has about $12 million in the bank, while his opponent Tim Sheehy raised about $10.5 million (including $2 million from his own pocket). In the eastern congressional district’s Republican primary, Troy Downing, Elsie Arntzen, and Denny Rehberg are leading the race in terms of most money raised, with Downing contributing $1 million of his own money to his campaign.

We’re examining campaign funds raised by candidates ahead of the Primary elections, with insights from Political analyst, Mike Dennison.

US Senate Primary

Bradley Warren discusses the significance of US Senate race, not just within but beyond the state’s borders. Both candidates, Tim Sheehy and Jon Tester, are showing impressive fundraising numbers.

Tester has already raised $37.3 million with $12 million in the bank while Sheehy has raised about $10.5 million, including $2 million from his own pocket.

Tester still maintains a significant cash advantage, and it’s expected that a large amount of money will be spent on advertising as the election nears.

U.S. House District 2, Republican Primary

Interest is also high in the House races, particularly in District 2. Troy Downing, Elsie Arntzen, and former state congressman Denny Rehberg are the leading candidates, each bringing in significant funds for their campaigns. Downing and Arntzen have both made substantial personal contributions to their campaigns.

Other candidates in the race, including Joel Krautter, are also hoping to make an impact, particularly with moderate Republicans and Democrats.

Gubernatorial Primary

The Gubernatorial race between Governor Gianforte and Ryan Busse is also garnering attention. While the fundraising efforts in this race don’t match the Senate races, both candidates have raised over $1 million each.

The manner in which the funds are spent is notable, with Governor Gianforte spending significantly on ad spots. Busse’s spending so far has been more focused on staffing and consultants.

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