Detroit Firm Employs IRA Funds to Boost Household Energy Efficiency



Michigan Central Station’s reopening is expected to make Detroit and Michigan an innovation hub, benefiting the local economy. The use of funds from the Inflation Reduction Act are intended to create jobs, boost domestic manufacturing, and reduce energy costs and air pollution. A Detroit business, Pearl Edison, aims to accelerate clean electrification, and has used these funds to complete a Home Energy Rebate pilot program for low-income homeowners, with up to $14,000 in IRA funds available per project for these homeowners as of October.

Mobility Innovation District Reverberates Excitement for Michigan Central Station’s Reopening

The reopening of Michigan Central Station has sparked interest in Detroit’s burgeoning mobility innovation district located in Corktown. The station is set to reopen on June 6, and though tenants still have a month to wait before moving in, Detroit’s potential as an innovation hub is capturing attention.

The Inflation Reduction Act is a key factor in stimulating local economy, offering a pathway towards creating good-paying jobs, boosting domestic manufacturing and lowering energy costs. This move also aligns with efforts towards reducing air pollution in Michigan.

Pearl Edison, a Detroit-based business that opened its doors this year, is focusing on accelerating clean electrification. The company completed a Home Energy Rebate pilot program for low-income homeowners, with funds provided by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Pearl Edison Co-founders Discuss Business Transition to Clean Energy

Co-founders Evan Anderson and Jake Yurek of Pearl Edison highlighted their efforts in transitioning Michigan businesses and residents to clean energy on The Metro. They discussed their excitement over Michigan Central and the creative use of IRA funds to improve Detroit-based contracting businesses and lower utility bills for Detroiters.

For lower-income households, energy efficiency can be an expensive investment. However, starting in October, the Inflation Reduction Act will provide up to $14,000 in funds per project for low-income families to make their homes more energy-efficient.

The full interview with Yurek and Anderson is available on the media player above.

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