Biden Proposes Program to Replace Lead Pipes, Appeals to North Carolina



President Biden has announced $3 billion in new spending, drawn from the bipartisan infrastructure law, to replace toxic lead pipes nationwide. The plans are part of a larger program to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure network, with Biden pledging to replace all lead pipes within a decade, as they affect more than nine million homes, schools, daycare centers, and businesses, particularly in marginalized communities. The announcement was made during a visit to North Carolina, where Biden’s campaign has invested significant resources due to the state’s potential as a swing state in the upcoming election.

President Biden Promotes Infrastructure Plan in North Carolina

President Biden visited North Carolina, a potential swing state, to advocate for his initiative to replace toxic lead pipes under his new infrastructure upgrade strategy.

In Wilmington, he announced $3 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure law ratified in 2021, a key accomplishment he wishes to leverage to prove to voters his effectiveness, despite political division.

Biden has pledged to replace all lead pipes countrywide within a decade, as lead exposure can impede children’s brain development, damage kidneys and disrupt the creation of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. The Biden administration estimates that over nine million homes, schools, day care centers, and businesses still rely on lead pipes, particularly in marginalized communities.

Biden’s Outreach Efforts in North Carolina

North Carolina was chosen by Biden to announce the third phase of his program, aiming to win over a state that has primarily voted Republican in the past 14 presidential elections, but Democrats believe is trending their way. Biden lost the state and its 15 electoral votes by a mere 1.3% in the 2020 election, though he trails by six percentage points according to’s poll average.

The Biden campaign has opened 11 offices in North Carolina and invested in TV advertising, while the president’s strategists claim little effort from Trump’s team. This visit marked Biden’s third to the state this year, with Vice President Kamala Harris visiting four times.

Biden’s Visit to Law Enforcement Families in Charlotte

After a stop in Charlotte where Biden met with families of four killed law enforcement officers, he paid tribute to them in his Wilmington speech. “Every time an officer puts on that shield and walks out the door, a family member wonders whether they’re going to get that call. Will they come home?” he said. “The entire nation is praying for these families.”

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