Trump Advocates for Immigrants from ‘Nice’ Countries at Fundraiser



Former President Donald Trump held a multimillion-dollar fundraising event in Palm Beach, Florida, where he spoke on several issues, including immigration. He expressed his desire for the U.S. to receive immigrants from “nice” countries like Denmark and Switzerland, voiced his disapproval of migrants from countries like Yemen, and blamed his successor, President Biden, for the current migrant surge. The event reportedly raised over $50 million, though this has not been confirmed and campaign finance reports will not be available for some time.

Trump Laments Lack of Immigration from “Nice” Countries at Multimillion-Dollar Fundraiser

Ex-President Donald J. Trump, while addressing a lavish fund-raiser, expressed disappointment about the lack of immigrants from “nice” countries like Denmark. He also insinuated that his wealthy audience was momentarily safe from undocumented immigrants in the vicinity.

Trump made these remarks during a 45-minute presentation at a high-priced dinner held at billionaire financier John Paulson’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. The event was successful in raising a claimed $50 million, setting a new fund-raising record, though it remains unverified.

Trump’s speech included elements from his campaign rallies, mixed with remarks tailored specifically for his affluent audience. He focused particularly on the issue of immigration, criticizing the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis at the Southern border.

“Countries dispatching these immigrants are a disaster,” claimed Trump, echoing earlier campaign speeches. He further referenced a controversial comment he made during his presidency, erroneously describing Haiti and several African nations as “shithole countries”.

Trump’s Concerns on Immigration and Crime

Amid laughs from the audience, Trump questioned why the U.S. wasn’t welcoming more immigrants from countries like Denmark or Switzerland. Trump also raised concerns about immigrants from Yemen and elsewhere, attributing an unverified increase in crime to the surge in immigration.

He further painted a grim picture of migrant influx, particularly from Latin America, comparing some to notorious gang members. He pointed across the water to West Palm Beach, hinting at the possibility of undocumented immigrants being present there.

Trump Critiques Biden Administration

A Trump campaign official confirmed that the ex-president addressed the border crisis and his tax cuts while in office. Trump blamed his successor, Joe Biden, for the influx of migrants and criticized his decision-making. He even suggested that the Resolute Desk used by Biden and past presidents had been “soiled.”

Trump Appeals to Wealthy Donors

Trump further highlighted his administration’s tax cuts and deregulation initiatives that could appeal to the wealthy donors present. He ended with a grim forecast for America’s future, suggesting the next election could be the country’s last. “July 4 is not as important as this, as far as I’m concerned,” he claimed.

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