Pro-Palestinian demonstrators obstruct Sea-Tac airport route



Pro-Palestinian protestors blocked the road to arrivals and departures at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, forcing travellers to avoid the area and use alternate routes. The protest, which involved people and vehicles obstructing the road, was part of a globally coordinated event. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) closed both directions of the SR 518 off-ramp to Airport Drive and had no estimated time for reopening.

Pro-Palestinian Protestors Block Seattle–Tacoma International Airport Road

Protestors advocating for Palestine brought normal traffic to a halt at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport. They blocked both arrivals and departures with four vehicles and a group of individuals on the road.

Passengers were spotted navigating past the protest, dragging their luggage down the road to catch their flights. Police and tow trucks were summoned to the scene shortly after the protest initiation. Nearly an hour later, tow trucks started removing the obstructing vehicles from the expressway.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) confirmed in a Twitter post that the SR 518 off-ramp to Airport Drive in both directions was entirely closed.

Officials advised all travelers to avoid the area and seek alternate routes. WSDOT failed to provide an estimated time for the road’s reopening. “A demonstration has closed the airport expressway leading to SEA Airport. Travelers coming to the airport are urged to use alternate routes or take Light Rail and public transit,” SEA posted on Twitter.

The protest was part of a global coordinated demonstration, as seen in a Twitter post. Protestors held a banner reading “our taxes are funding genocide.”

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