Harris attacks Trump over abortion rights in Arizona



Vice President Kamala Harris has denounced former President Donald Trump for the recent Arizona Supreme Court ruling that outlaws abortions in most cases, following an election campaign in which female voters’ rights were a key issue. Harris has been actively campaigning across the US on a reproductive rights tour since January, asserting that the future of abortion rights depends on the election result. The Biden campaign is focusing on this issue in Arizona, launching substantial ad spend, as they believe Republicans are out of touch on the matter.

Vice President Kamala Harris Blames Trump for Arizona’s Abortion Rights Situation

Vice President Kamala Harris attributed the current state of abortion rights in Arizona and across the nation to Donald Trump during her visit to Tucson, Arizona. Following the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that outlaws nearly all abortions, Harris headed to Arizona to rally voters who view the upcoming election as a crucial moment for women’s rights.

The decision, which reinstated a 160-year-old law prohibiting abortions unless the life of the pregnant woman is at stake, signaled an “inflection point” in the abortion rights battle, according to Harris. “And we all must understand who all is to blame,” she said. “Former President Donald Trump did this.”

Harris’s comments followed Trump’s news conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort with House Speaker Mike Johnson, where the former president bragged about having “broken Roe v. Wade.”

Harris has been emphasizing the importance of abortion rights throughout her nationwide reproductive rights tour since January. She visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota last month, making history as the first sitting vice president to do so.

Both Biden and Harris have been campaigning against Trump’s claim that he assembled the conservative supermajority on the US Supreme Court that reversed Roe v. Wade in 2022. Harris warned about possible “more bans, more suffering and less freedom” under a second Trump term.

Democrats view abortion as a pivotal political issue that could motivate moderate voters, especially women. They aim to connect abortion bans directly to Trump. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign is deploying a seven-figure ad campaign in response to Tuesday’s ruling, trying to build momentum in the battleground state of Arizona.

According to a KFF survey, about half of registered US voters believe that this year’s elections will significantly affect the access to abortion. And the topic mobilized moderate and liberal voters in the midterm elections.

The Biden campaign is leveraging the message that Trump “is responsible for the state of reproductive freedom in Arizona today.” As Trump tries to navigate the issue, the campaign will continue to link him directly to the policies.

Even though both Trump and GOP Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake have expressed opposition to the Arizona Supreme Court ruling, Harris expressed skepticism about Trump’s sincerity after he claimed that he wouldn’t sign a national abortion ban into law if reelected in November. “Enough with the gaslighting,” she said.

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