At Washington Event, German Finance Head Advises US on Spending



German Finance Minister Christian Lindner cautioned his coalition partners on replicating the US Inflation Reduction Act, arguing that it has not been effective in managing consumer prices in the United States. Lindner’s remarks were made at an event in Washington, where he also responded to critics who have been urging him to relax controls on public spending in order to address issues like aging infrastructure and sluggish growth. Lindner also criticized President Joe Biden’s leading economic policy.

German Minister’s Warning against US Inflation Reduction Act

Christian Lindner, the German Finance Minister, has cautioned his coalition counterparts concerning the emulation of the US Inflation Reduction Act. He pointed out that despite its promising title, the US policy has been unsuccessful in limiting consumer prices in the largest global economy.

Lindner communicated his concerns during a Washington event, where he mentioned domestic critics pressuring him to ease regulations on public expenditure to tackle issues such as deteriorating infrastructure and stagnant growth. Additionally, he subtly critiqued President Joe Biden‘s primary economic strategy.

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