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President Joe Biden is set to address his age, which critics have pointed out as a potential weakness, in his State of the Union speech, emphasizing that voters should focus not on a candidate’s age but on the age of their ideas. He also intends to stress his commitment to restoring Roe v. Wade if Congress passes a law to this effect, highlighting the power of women in America. Furthermore, Biden plans to take credit for the economic boom following the Covid-19 pandemic, asserting that America’s comeback is about building an economy from the middle out and bottom up and ensuring everyone has a fair shot.

President Biden to Highlight Age, Roe v. Wade during State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on February 4.

President Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address will highlight his views on his age and the potential restoration of Roe v. Wade, according to excerpts shared with CNN. The president seeks to counter critics who question his fitness for office due to his age while also emphasizing his commitment to upholding core American values.

“My lifetime has taught me to embrace freedom and democracy…To respect everyone. To give everyone a fair shot. To give hate no safe harbor,” Biden will say. The President discards the pessimistic narratives some of his contemporaries associate with age, stating, “That’s not me.”

If reelected in November, Biden, at 81, would be the oldest person elected president, while his potential opponent Trump turns 78 in June. Biden urges voters to consider not just a candidate’s age, but the relevancy of their ideas.

Biden Vows to Restore Roe v. Wade

The President also intends to commit to reinstating Roe v. Wade, if Congress passes such a law. His remarks will emphasize the power and resilience of women in the face of challenges to reproductive rights.

“Clearly those bragging about overturning Roe v. Wade have no clue about the power of women in America… But they found out when reproductive freedom was on the ballot and won in 2022, 2023, and they will find out again in 2024.”

President Claims Credit for Economic Revival

In his speech, Biden plans to assert his role in the post-pandemic economic boom, despite public dissatisfaction with the nation’s current state. He will emphasize the untold story of America’s comeback and the resilience of its citizens.

“…in thousands of cities and towns the American people are writing the greatest comeback story never told,” Biden will say. Despite significant economic improvements, many Americans still fail to recognize and credit the President for these changes.

Biden’s address will underscore the need to continue building an inclusive economy “from the middle out and the bottom up – not the top down, investing in all of America – in all Americans – to make sure everyone has a fair shot and we leave no one behind.”

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