RNC sacks many under new Trump-endorsed leadership



The new Republican National Committee (RNC) leadership team, appointed by former President Donald Trump, has reportedly begun firing dozens of employees shortly after taking over. Approximately 60 people were informed they were no longer employed, affecting data, political, and communications staffers. The firings were led by senior Trump adviser Chris LaCivita, who had expressed dissatisfaction with the RNC staff for several months, and had been planning to make changes.

The Republican National Committee Begins Staff Layoffs under Trump-Selected Leadership

The newly installed leadership at the Republican National Committee (RNC), chosen by ex-president Donald Trump, has begun laying off dozens of employees, as per anonymous insiders.

An estimated 60 staff members were impacted, including data, political, and communications personnel. The layoffs were reportedly initiated by Chris LaCivita, a proven Trump adviser known to have had issues with the RNC staff for a considerable time.

The RNC instated new leaders last Friday, such as Michael Whatley as chair, Lara Trump as co-chair, and LaCivita as chief of staff. According to Whatley, the RNC is committed to working closely with Trump’s campaign in anticipation of a potential face-off against President Biden.

Currently, the RNC is in a precarious situation, especially given the upcoming crucial election year. It has a mere $8.7 million in cash on hand, as per a January finance filing. This figure is notably lesser than the Democratic National Committee’s $24 million.

This financial disparity is prompting Trump and his allies to push for more fundraising efforts to match Biden’s campaign and his associated groups. “We have to raise a lot of money,” Lara Trump stated last Friday.

The RNC’s previous chair, Ronna McDaniel, was replaced by North Carolina GOP chair Whatley. Despite being initially backed by Trump, McDaniel fell out of favor, and she voluntarily stepped down earlier this year.

The exact financial savings resulting from these layoffs remains unclear. This development was first reported by Politico.

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