“Rats High on Marijuana in Louisiana Police Evidence Room”



Narcotics traffickers, who are also a group of rats, broke into the evidence room at the police headquarters in New Orleans and consumed all the marijuana stored there. The city’s police superintendent requested the council to fund a move for her officers into new premises due to the decrepit conditions of their current building, built in 1968, which houses infestations of rats and cockroaches, countless maintenance issues, and is unclean. The committee approved a motion to lease two floors of a downtown office building for the department for 10 years, which will be finalized if it passes a full council vote.

New Orleans Police Tackle Narcotics Trafficking Rodents

A gang of New Orleans rodents is suspected of breaking into the police headquarters’ evidence room and consuming confiscated marijuana, according to police superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick.

This incident was part of Kirkpatrick’s debate to the city council for funding to relocate police operations to a new downtown building, as reported by Nola.com.

Kirkpatrick described intolerable conditions in the current mid-city criminal justice building built in 1968, including rampant infestations of rats and cockroaches, besides extensive maintenance problems such as broken elevators and a failed air conditioning system.

The rat invasion and marijuana consumption have critical implications for criminal cases, Kirkpatrick warned. The department may acquire a 10-year lease on a new downtown building if it gains full council approval in the coming weeks.

Gilbert Montaño, the chief administrative officer, stated that while the police department is the priority case, other tenants of the criminal justice building might have to wait. Nola.com had earlier reported that relocating officers and staff would leave the aging complex deserted.

The fate of the marijuana-loving rats remains uncertain. This isn’t the first case of rodents displaying a liking for cannabis or burgling police premises, as instances were reported in India in 2022 and Argentina in 2018.

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