A Simplified Guide to the US Election 2024



The article discusses the upcoming 2024 US presidential election, including the roles of the Republican and Democratic parties, the nominating process, and the electoral college system. It highlights that the eventual winner will influence people’s lives both domestically and globally, underscoring the importance of the election. The article also mentions other elections taking place concurrently, such as for seats in Congress, and explains how the presidential winner is typically announced and inaugurated.

In November 2024, Americans will vote to elect the next US president, a decision that holds significant implications both domestically and internationally. The two main parties, Democrats and Republicans, continue to dominate the US political landscape.

The Democratic party, championing civil rights and climate change, is represented by incumbent President Joe Biden, who seeks a second term. The Republican party, advocating for lower taxes and gun rights, is yet to officially choose its candidate, with former President Donald Trump being the last contender.

The upcoming US presidential election will take place on Tuesday, 5 November 2024, with the elected individual serving a four-year term beginning in January 2025.

Aside from the presidential candidates, voters will also elect new Congressional members. The House of Representatives has 435 seats available, while the Senate has 33.

The US election process is an electoral college system, where each state holds a certain number of electoral votes based on its population. The candidate who secures 270 or more of the total 538 electoral votes wins the presidency.

However, this system means voters are deciding state-level contests, rather than a national one. It’s therefore possible for a candidate to win the most votes nationally but still be defeated by the electoral college, as was the case for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The focus is typically on a dozen or so battleground states, where either party could win.

Any US citizen aged 18 or over is eligible to vote in the presidential election which takes place every four years.

Usually, the winner of the election is declared on the election night. However, in 2020 it took a few days to count all the votes. The president is officially inaugurated in January following the election, during a ceremony held on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington DC.

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