US suggests a ‘temporary truce’ in Gaza through draft UN resolution



The United States has proposed a UN Security Council draft resolution calling for a temporary ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The US draft, which opposes an Israeli ground incursion into Rafah, falls short of other Security Council members’ wishes for an immediate ceasefire. Despite this, and international pressure, Israel plans to expand its ground operations into Rafah to counter the October 7 Hamas attacks.

US Proposes Gaza Ceasefire at UN Security Council

The US has introduced a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council, advocating for a temporary ceasefire in Israel’s conflict with Hamas. The resolution also cautions against an Israeli ground incursion into Rafah, where numerous displaced Palestinians have taken refuge.

Preceding this, the US pledged to veto an Algerian draft requesting an immediate ceasefire. The Council is set to vote on this Algerian proposal on Tuesday.

The US draft calls for a “temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as practicable.” This proposal, seen by CNN, does not align with the majority of Security Council members, who seek an instant ceasefire.

Protecting its ally, Israel, the US has continually rebuffed calls for a “ceasefire,” citing Israel’s right to defend itself after a terror attack by Hamas. The US has rejected at least two Security Council resolutions on the conflict.

President Biden has expressed his support for a temporary ceasefire during discussions with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This stance was formed to secure the safe release of hostages held by Hamas.

The US draft highlights the potential fallout of an Israeli ground offensive into Rafah, noting it could have severe regional implications for peace and security by causing additional harm to civilians and further displacement.

Despite international pressure, Israel plans to extend its ground operations into Rafah, aiming to dismantle Hamas post the October 7 attacks. Concerns rise that military action in the refugee tent city could lead to an exodus and civilian casualties.

The Biden administration has increasingly voiced concerns over Israel’s conduct of the war. President Biden communicated to Netanyahu that the military action “should not proceed,” according to a summary of their call.

The US draft resolution, also advocating for the release of Israeli hostages, will be debated privately on Tuesday. The exact timing for a vote remains uncertain, though it requires more than nine affirmatives and zero vetoes from the permanent members to pass.

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