Trump Claims His Indictments and Mug Shot Are Boosting His Support Among Black Voters



Former President Donald Trump claimed that his legal troubles have earned him support from Black voters, who he believes can identify with his experience of a historically unfair justice system. During a speech to the Black Conservative Federation, Trump suggested that Black voters have been so badly hurt and discriminated against that they see similar discrimination in his situation. Despite these claims, Trump has been repeatedly accused of racist remarks and actions throughout his career, and won only 8% of the Black vote in 2020 and 6% in 2016.

Trump Claims Increased Black Support Amid Legal Struggles

Ex-President Donald J. Trump claims his four criminal cases have garnered him support from Black voters, who he believes can relate to his legal battles. Trump asserted this at a Black Conservative Federation gala, suggesting Black voters see their own historical injustices mirrored in his predicament.

Within his speech, Trump also targeted Black voters by claiming their hardships and discrimination were similar to his own experiences. He has regularly employed “law and order” and racist language to rally his base and criticize opponents, but his new strategy seems to focus on winning over Black voters who typically vote Democrat.

Shifting Focus and Strategy

Trump, the Republican front-runner, now increasingly mentions Black voters in speeches. He often claims that Black Americans prospered more economically under his administration than under Biden’s. Trump believes the migrant influx at the southern border threatens Black workers’ employment and played this angle in his speech.

He also drew attention to the mug shot taken after his indictment tied to his efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss, which has been widely used in fundraising and apparel.

Criminal Justice Reform and Past Racist Remarks

Trump highlighted his signature criminal justice reform law, the First Step Act, which he rarely mentioned before. Despite his outreach to Black voters, Trump faced accusations of racist behavior, such as housing discrimination lawsuits in 1977 and fueling racial tension with ads urging the death penalty for falsely accused Black and Latino teens in the 1980s.

He first gained political traction by casting doubt on Obama’s birthplace, and even now, emphasizes Obama’s middle name on the campaign trail, questioning whether opponents of color can hold office.

Trump’s Appeal to Black Voters

Trump often touts his improved standing with Black voters. Although he only won 8% and 6% of Black voters in 2020 and 2016, respectively, recent polls show increased support. During the gala, he joked about struggling to spot supporters due to the bright lights, quipping that he could only see Black attendees.

Despite criticizing identity politics, Trump repeatedly catered to Black voters during the speech. He criticized Obama for not cutting costs during an Air Force One overhaul, asking the crowd if they’d prefer a Black president or one who saved $1.7 billion.

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