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The Democratic Party has been reportedly dismissive of public concerns surrounding President Biden’s age and his strategic decisions, with critics facing backlash from the White House and on social media. Prominent Democratic strategists like David Axelrod and James Carville have faced criticism for questioning Biden’s campaign, despite private misgivings about Biden’s re-election campaign among party members. Meanwhile, despite underperforming in the polls in the first three competitive contests, Donald Trump remains popular in early general election polls, leading to speculation about a possible ‘hidden Biden vote’ or incorrect polling data.

The Democratic Party and the Age Debate Surrounding President Biden

Internal disputes within the Democratic Party have escalated in recent months, with public discourse increasingly questioning President Biden’s age and campaign strategy. Prominent Democrats, including Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann, have criticised Biden’s age, causing a stir on social media platforms and attracting resistance from the White House.

Strategists such as David Axelrod and James Carville have faced backlash for their comments, with accusations suggesting they are boosting Trump’s prospects and being disloyal alarmists. These internal tensions reflect the current political atmosphere where loyalty is prioritised, and dissenters are quickly labelled as traitors.

The Dynamics of the Election and Biden’s Struggles

Despite concerns raised by fellow Democrats, Biden is still favoured as the party’s nominee. However, he struggles with popularity among the electorate and in swing states like Michigan. Many Democrats are cautious about publicly voicing their reservations, recalling the negative impact of such criticism on Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Axelrod and Carville, known for their roles in Obama and Bill Clinton’s campaigns, have faced intense scrutiny for questioning Biden’s campaign strategy and age. Despite the pushback, they insist on the importance of acknowledging these issues and believe ignoring them is not a viable strategy.

Trump’s Primary Results Not Meeting Expectations

Early in the primary season, Trump underperformed the polls in the first few competitive contests. This has raised questions about potential polling errors, given that Trump is doing well in early general election polls against Biden. A few theories have come forward to explain this anomaly, including undecided voters backing other candidates, misrepresentation of the electorate in the polls, and the existence of a hidden anti-Trump vote.

While these theories could provide some insights, it’s too early to draw definitive conclusions. If the ‘Hidden Anti-Trump vote’ theory proves correct, current general election polls may be underestimating Biden, which could be pivotal in a close election.

For the full analysis by Nate Cohn, you can read here.

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