Sebastian Stan Calls Out on Journalist at ‘A Different Man’ Presser – The Hollywood Reporter


Sebastian Stan defended his character’s depiction in Aaron Schimberg’s film, “A Different Man,” during a press conference at the Berlin Film Festival. The film, which will be screened at the festival, follows an aspiring actor, Edward, with a facial disfigurement. Stan responded to a journalist’s question about the transformation from “beast” to “perfect man” saying the term “beast” was inappropriate and reflects societal preconceived ideas about facial disfigurement. The movie, backed by A24 and Killer Films, had its premier at Sundance Film Festival and has been praised for its exploration of disability, perception, and identity. Director Schimberg, who also has a facial disfigurement, casts people with disfigurements in his films and believes in challenging viewers’ perceptions through exposure.

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