Schumer Advocates for GOP to Finance War Effort During Ukraine Visit



US Senator Chuck Schumer has warned Republicans that blocking military aid to Ukraine could lead to its defeat against Russia. During his visit to Ukraine, Schumer and other Democratic senators collected evidence of Ukraine’s war needs and discussed the over $60 billion in military assistance that is stalled in Congress due to opposition from right-wing Republicans. Despite the opposition, Schumer pledged to persuade Speaker Mike Johnson to allow a vote on the foreign aid package, arguing that Ukraine could win the war with the aid and that Johnson should not let politics interfere with doing the right thing.

US Senate Majority Leader Urges Republicans to Support Ukraine’s Military Aid

During a visit to Ukraine, US Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer issued a stern warning to the Republicans in Congress who are blocking the military aid to Ukraine. Schumer emphasized their opposition might lead to Kyiv’s defeat against Russia’s invasion.

“Ukraine’s victory against Russia hinges on the military aid,” Schumer stated during his official visit to Ukraine. He met with President Volodymyr Zelensky and other key figures, including Ukraine’s newly appointed military commander, Oleksandr Syrsky, and US embassy officials.

The political deadlock in Washington over fresh US aid for Ukraine was a central topic during Schumer’s visit. Ukrainian officials highlighted the crucial role of the $60 billion military assistance, currently stalled in Congress due to opposition from right-wing Republicans, in the war’s outcome.

Schumer Promises to Overcome Opposition to Ukraine Aid

Schumer pledged to convince Speaker Mike Johnson to drop his opposition to the foreign aid package for Ukraine, stating he was confident the aid bill would pass if put to vote. He urged Johnson to prioritize doing right over politics, and not to allow blind adherence to Donald Trump stand in the way.

Despite ongoing Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities and the dire need for aid, there’s little sign of Republicans softening their stance. Schumer argued that setbacks like the ones caused by Russian drones breaching Ukrainian air defenses, could have been prevented had Ukraine had the US aid they need.

Ukraine’s War Needs Highlighted During Visit

According to Schumer, the war has turned against Ukraine primarily due to lack of ammunition and air cover. He pointed out that the military needs outlined by Ukrainian officials were all part of the US foreign aid package stalled in Congress. However, in the House, Ukraine’s battlefield losses have fueled Republican opposition to further aid.

Despite bipartisan appeals, Speaker Johnson has resisted putting the aid bill on the floor, insisting on severe immigration restrictions alongside any further funding for Ukraine. Schumer expressed hope that Johnson’s mind could be changed, but even Republican proponents have made little progress.

US Aid and Ukraine’s Fight Against Russia

In response to arguments stating that funding Ukraine’s war effort is essentially committing to a losing battle, Schumer communicated that Ukrainian officials see no evidence that they couldn’t win the war with US aid. However, he noted it would require a long-term commitment from the US.

In a display of how US military aid is being utilized, Ukraine’s defense ministry released the first video of a U.S.-made Abrams tank in action near Avdiivka, a city that recently fell to Russian troops. Schumer hopes this will underscore the importance of aid and prompt faster action.

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