‘Madame Web’s Dakota Johnson Can’t Name Tom Holland’s Three ‘Spider-Man’ Films, But Serves Up Solid Marvel-Harry Potter Crossover: “‘Harry, Spider-Man And The Goblet Of Man’”


Actress Dakota Johnson, who landed a leading role in Marvel’s “Madame Web,” admits she doesn’t yet fully understand the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In an interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Johnson estimated she had seen roughly four percent of Marvel’s films. When asked to name the three Spider-Man films in which Tom Holland starred, she humorously provided incorrect titles, revealing her lack of familiarity with the franchise. Cassandra Webb, Johnson’s character in “Madame Web,” is good friends with Peter Parker’s uncle, Ben Parker. Johnson’s admission echoes that of other recent Marvel newcomers, such as Emma Corrin, who have also confessed confusion with the intricate world of the MCU.

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