Letter: Hysteria over the Inflation Reduction Act



The author of the letter refutes the idea that President Biden’s push for renewable energy and energy-efficiency rebates is an infringement on civil liberties. They argue that this transition is bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. They also dismiss the claim that wind turbines cause cancer and imply skepticism towards those who do not believe in climate change.

A Rebuttal to ‘Biden is the real authoritarian’

Regarding the sentiment expressed in the Letters to the Editor on Feb. 7, claiming Biden’s authoritarianism, I find this view rather amusing. The implication that President Biden’s push towards renewable energy sources and cash rebates for eco-friendly appliances infringes upon our civil liberties appears misguided.

Beyond just environmental benefits, the shift towards renewables is bringing manufacturing jobs for electric car batteries, heat pumps, induction cooktops, and solar panels back to our shores, fueling our economy.

Let’s clarify that the IRA here refers to the Inflation Reduction Act, not the Irish Republican Army. The notion that these efforts are a product of some grand illusion, suggesting wind turbines are cancer-causing and climate change is non-existent, is rather misguided.

This response was originally submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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