La Jolla harbor seal docent writes children’s book about seals


Deborah Saracini, a docent for La Jolla Friends of the Seals and the Sierra Club Seal Society, has written a children’s book, “Ally Protects the La Jolla Seals,” aimed at educating young readers about wildlife conservation and environmental advocacy. The narrative tells the story of how protective measures were implemented at the La Jolla seal colony in the early 2000s. It includes historical events such as the approval of a 130-foot rope barrier in 2010 to separate humans and seals during pupping season, which was later extended to 152 feet, and the closing of the Children’s Pool to the public during harbor seal pupping season in 2014. Saracini plans to continue writing children’s books, although she is uncertain if they will be sequels to “Ally Protects the La Jolla Seals.”

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