Jeff Landry’s View on $2.5B Blue Cross Louisiana Sale to Elevance



Governor Jeff Landry has expressed potential benefits of the $2.5 billion sale of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to Elevance Health, a major insurer in the United States. The sale, which is currently under debate by state regulators, could provide better services more efficiently, according to Blue Cross executives. However, critics are concerned that Elevance, being a large, publicly traded company, might prioritize profit over the welfare of the state’s residents, who are among the poorest and have among the worst health outcomes in the country.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Sale

Gov. Jeff Landry addressed nearly 200 Louisiana hospital executives, endorsing the disputed $2.5 billion sale of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to Elevance Health, one of the country’s largest insurers. He maintained he’s not propelling the sale, which will appear before state regulators later this month.

The Baton Rouge-based nonprofit, with more than 60% of commercially insured customers in the state, is facing a shift to a larger, for-profit company. Landry, highlighting the rapidly evolving and increasingly expensive health care sector, echoed Blue Cross’s position of proactive change.

Landry’s Stance on the Sale

Landry’s speech could potentially affect lawmakers and hospitals’ position on the sale, in favor of Elevance. Blue Cross’ Louisiana unit was highly profitable in 2023, but executives claim they’re losing market share in their most lucrative service lines. They argue that a larger company like Elevance could provide better service more efficiently.

Landry indicated another reason for the loss of commercially insured patients could be the exodus of wealthier people from Louisiana. He believes a company like Elevance, capable of operating across state lines, could enhance Louisiana’s business climate and attract additional insurers and employers.

Conditional Approval of the Sale

Landry suggested another approach to Insurance Commissioner Tim Temple – approval of the deal with conditions. The governor’s new health secretary, Ralph Abraham, is assembling a task force to gather feedback from health care providers. State law permits modifications to the reorganization plan, which could affect Blue Cross policyholder benefits from the sale.

Accelerate Louisiana Initiative

The Accelerate Louisiana Initiative, funded majorly by the sale proceeds, is meant to transition from a safety net to a driver of independence. The governor highlighted the initiative’s potential to help integrate state “safety net programs” and encourage healthier choices among beneficiaries.

Landry’s comments on this controversial sale scenario have sparked a myriad of reactions. As the situation unfolds, it’s clear that the potential impact of the sale on Louisiana’s healthcare landscape remains a contentious issue.

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