Dallas Actor Burton Gilliam Talks About Blazing Saddles on its 50th


“Blazing Saddles,” a satirical comedy from 1974, remains controversial and enduring 50 years after its release due to its edgy humor tackling racism, sexism, and various social “isms.” Co-written by Richard Pryor and directed by Mel Brooks, the film’s blatant racial slurs and stereotypes are often the source of discomfort and laughter. Despite the backlash it received during its production from Warner Bros. and even actors like Johnny Carson, John Wayne, and James Earl Jones, “Blazing Saddles” went on to become a cult classic, grossing $119 million in total revenue, earning nominations for three Academy Awards and being selected for preservation by the National Film Registry. Featuring Burton Gilliam, a native of Dallas, Texas, in a supporting role, the film continues to spark debates on comedy and social sensitivities.

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