After months fighting Houthis on the USS Eisenhower, sailors face a new kind of sea threat


Sailors aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and its accompanying vessels have been engaging in frequent defensive operations against fast unmanned vessels used by Iranian-backed Houthis. These unmanned surface vessels (USVs) have been used against the U.S. military and commercial vessels in the Red Sea since January 4. The U.S. Navy has been intercepting and destroying these USVs, which they consider unknown and potentially lethal threats. The Houthis have increased their attacks on U.S. military and commercial vessels following a deadly blast at a hospital Gaza on October 17. The U.S. carrier strike group in the region has conducted over 95 intercepts of drones, missiles and USVs and has made more than 240 self-defense strikes on over 50 Houthi targets.

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